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I want a passenger van which comes with windows all around. I will keep the first row of factory seats to keep everything legal and crash tested seats for my kids to ride in. I am building it myself (I am a carpenter and also build muscle cars) with a kitchen, bath, and beds, finished to be able to operate as a full time home. It will be very well insulated. I will not be in Florida much as most of my time will be camping in the Rockies but will travel to the Panahandle in the summers for a few weeks a year.
I have read about summer heat in Sprinters a lot. I am more worried with rear passengers while driving, not while camping. Most of the articles I read talk about heat while living in the van. I feel like rear air would make for a more comfortable ride while going down the road. I am wanting to use reclaimed lumber on ceiling and am a little worried with looks and head clearance when walking around with the factory rear air.
I found a van I with all the options I want and it has the factory air that I am looking at next week. Before I pull the trigger I just wanted a litttle feedback. Thanks for all the help
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