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Originally Posted by Ianmoore View Post
... I just couldn't come up with a way to keep [the rear a/c], and still have room for solar, as well as needed ventilation. ...
Several of us have vaulted our panels over the top of our rear a/c units. My husband and I added 300 watts, although we have room to add two more panels if we ever need them.

A few folks have covered their entire roofs with vaulted solar panels. Not only does it give room for everything underneath, but it serves as a de facto "tropical roof" of the style that is often done in places like Africa and the Australian outback, where they install a false roof with an air gap underneath to cut down on heat gain.

The 11,000 BTU Dometic a/c is tucked under the panels, and the Fantastic vent is directly in front of the array:

Somebody else's rig, slightly larger vaulted array, with vent fan further forward than in our model:

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