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Default Re: Differential Rear End and other Fluid History

T1N Engine Coolant

The 2004 Owner Manual specifically mentions Zerex G05 coolant. (Refer above to Post #1.)

The 2006 specifies some other choices.


Euro Peak Coolant Antifreeze, OLD WORLD INDUSTRIES
Zerex G05
Zerex G48
Glysantin G05, BASF AG
Mopar 05066386AA or equiv.

Old World Industries (Peak) is not a small time operation. They manufacture/blend/package products for many different brand labels. From my research the Peak products are considered a quality choice which is still reasonably priced.

For those recommending dealership products only because Zerex G05 doesn't have a Mercedes label... there it is above in writing from my 2006 manual. Zerex G05 and the other listings are fine per Mother Mercedes.



Why Do We Need HOAT G05 Coolant?

Originally Posted by Aqua Puttana View Post
A reply to an older post.

Originally Posted by silosignal View Post
G48 is very similar to G-05.
My understanding is that the G48 formulation was required to meet Euro standards. I believe it relates to their regs... phosphate free. (Maybe gleaned from previous BeVo information?)

There is no reason to stray from the G05 HOAT formulation if you are in N. America.
It appears that Zerex G05 has fallen off the list for MB325.0 coolant. Not because it isn't approved at all, but because it is no longer approved for Euro markets. It has been listed in Owner/Operator Manuals so it remains approved. MB states that the Operator Manual always applies (evergreen).

"The G-30 is basically the same as DexCool.

The G-05 has more reserve alkalinity than the G-48 and has replaced G-48 as factory fill for Mercedes. [I believe G48 has replaced G05. - vic] They both originate with BASF in Germany in the Glysantin line:

The G-48 is nitrite-free, which means unlike G-05 it can�t be used with wet sleeves. G-05 has a smidgeon more silicate than G-48.

And its [G48] availability in North America is thin, indeed. Valvoline suggests using G-05 to replace it."

Zerex G05 has properties which G48 does not.
Nitrites = protect against cavitation.
More reserve alkalinity = longer coolant service life.
Also. (Not G05 specific.)
Carboxylates = cavitation protection.

Originally Posted by silosignal View Post
Use G-05 in your T1N. Your head gasket will thank you. Replace every 5 years or 100k. Which ever comes first. Nothing lasts forever.

Also, running your van diluted by DI/distilled water isn't the best idea. Running it for 3 seconds won't do anything. Run it for 5 minutes and you may find that your water pump has started to weep a bit and then full on leak. Water is a decent lubricant but coolant DOES add proper lubrication for the water pump. I used to do the distilled water flush ~10 years ago in Saabs cuz I thought it was brilliant. It's not.

My mode is to change the coolant on the proper schedule. Coolant changed on proper schedule is perfectly serviceable product. It is toxic waste to the EPA, but not to your engine. I won't use any flush chemicals or procedures unless visual inspection or symptoms show the need.

I found the article which I linked above very informative.
(I'm partial to most of the stuff that Chevron publishes. It generally includes practical application information, not just warnings and scare tactics.)

Engine Coolant Basics
Paul Fritz, Chevron
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