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Default Thule- new awning option

I just got the new Thule Hideaway retractable hand crank awning on my 2015 crew, standard height. It's been sold in Europe (as the Omnistor 4900, I think) for quite awhile and just came to US this year. The folding tensioner arms keep it extended and tight and there's really no need to guy it unless in a severe storm. Two legs snap out of the housing and extend and there's two holes at the bottom to stake if you want. I crank it out a couple feet and I can just reach up from my slider step and unclip the two legs, swing them down and extend, and then finish cranking. Of course, the tall Sprinter would require a step ladder no matter what you had. A little less costly alternative to a Fiamma, anthracite case looks good on my van. Mounted to top ends of Yakima roof bars with adapters. They have a direct mount version, but will require Sprinter adapter which isn't available yet.
Awning was in stock locally at Cascade Racks, Bend, Or.
Comes in 8.5' x 6.5' and 10' x 8' versions (I got 10').

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