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Default Re: 2016 4WD 144" Sprinter Campervan Pop Top Weekender, San Diego, CA

Apologies as I was not trying to crap on your ad or debate the merits of a kitchenette in a conversion. I personally do not like cooking indoors short of maybe some coffee while I'm on the road. I am more amazed that what you've done here could command a 40K premium over the sticker price of a new van (assuming they were available). I pay very close attention to the market, CL, here, expo Portal and have seen quite a few 6 figure 4x4 conversions from small or relatively unknown builders come up for sale over the last year. I have also had the privilege of getting inside a Sportsmobile build which while not what I would want, wasn't priced too far from this one. If you're able to put these builds together and get such a premium then kudos to you sir. GLWS.

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