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Default Re: Satellite Signal

That makes sense about operating on different frequencies. Here is what behind the amplifier looks like.
Antenna amplifier.JPG
So maybe it might be a simple fix to disconnect the cable feed to the amplifier (black cable in the picture) and either plug that into the sat box if there is enough slack, switch the black cable with one feed from the rooftop sat infeed or extend the black feed cable a little and pull through the access hole to plug into your receiver. My roof top sat connections above the amplifier has 2 outputs and two inputs. Are there 2 sat positions on the roof. I checked the service bay and there is only the black cable feeding the amplifier. We are pre-wired for cable in the bedroom. What is the second output for? The bedroom is fed with the brown cable blue tape from the amplifier. If it is for the second output is for the bedroom connection I wonder how we would we tap into that for roof top sat signal besides disconnecting the feed coming from the amplifier? If this wouldn't effect the Sat signal too much, another simple solution might be put a splitter on the black cable with one leg feeding the amplifier and the other replace one of the feeds from the rooftop. This way if you ever want cable or antenna you wont have to remove the access panel and just switch your coax cable from the tv from the sat box to the cable hookup or if you use HDMI cable from the sat box to the tv you would just need to change the source or input on the TV.

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