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Default Re: Satellite Signal

Originally Posted by pfflyer View Post
I haven't removed any panels but the over air antenna and the cable from the storage compartment have to join somewhere. Could that connection be your problem? Or maybe a simpler thing to try first is to bypass the amplifier altogether. Seems like it should pass through the signal but I am no expert.
Thanks PF
Nor am I an expert --------
The Dealer's "Tech" thought that satellite signal does not "pass through" the Amplifier/Cable connector within the Coach; that "CABLE" and "SATELLITE" operate on different frequencies?????
I've been doing some more reading online, and ChitChat regarding Diplexers (reverse splitters?)
Will check that out with some AudioVideo "Experts" when we return home ------ must be some way to achieve this, without wiring in a 2nd cable from Service Bay to Inside connecting point.
There's always something more to learn, right?
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