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Default Satellite Signal

Me again.
Say ---------- has anyone attempted, or succeeded, in hooking satellite feed from a portable dish to the singular cable connector located within the "Service Bay".
I was told this connector worked for either CABLE, or SATELLITE feed.
However, after ensuring I have strong satellite signal outside, i.e. setting up a receiver, and small monitor adjacent the portable dish, I disconnect the Receiver/Monitor (outside) and affix the RG6 cable from the dish directly to the connector in the service bay..
Now inside the Coach, I
1) disconnect the Main TV cable from the connector/amplifier inside the cabinet above doorway,
2) connect Satellite Receiver to that same connector
3)re-connect the cable from the Main TV to the Satellite receiver (SHAW DIRECT)
4)Plug in Satellite Receiver (120A/C)
At this point, I should be able to see that the receiver recognizes satellite signal (Green light, instead of Red), but I see nothing, i.e. neither RED (insufficient signal), or GREEN (operational signal)
The local dealer is uncertain that the in-Coach RG6 Cable, which shares the AmplifierConnector with the roof mounted OFF AIR ANTENNA, will pass Satellite signal.
I've tried it both ways, i.e depressing/engaging the amplifier button, or disengaging it.
If I were able to get signal inside, I realize that thereafter, I need to go to the TV's Menu; select
"CABLE", and "AutoScan" for available channels.

Hoping that someone out there has had a similar experience, and can offer some suggested resolution(s)??????

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