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Default Re: Fresh Water siphon effect

Originally Posted by Hooligan2 View Post
Discussion on a Siesta/Synergy group, The fresh tank appeared to be missing some vent lines. This Photo of my (24ST) tank may help. I have no problem with siphoning. May be worthwhile to contact Thor for vent diagram. Thor will make tech drawings, plumbing, wiring holding tanks, etc available, normally no charge by email.
I called Thor. Told them what I was experiencing and they had an IMMEDIATE solution. He said that it takes five turns to break that siphon. So go to the overflow, add tubing and make five loops, then reconnect it to the overflow. The five turns will break the siphon. I have to do it on both overflows. He said that once the overflow starts it can pull almost 2/3rds of the water out.

I hope they have that fixed in the newer models.
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