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Default Re: T1N dying @ idle

I updated the Autel MD802 software and checked the codes again today, a code that was not showing before is now showing:
"The signal from component B73 (Crankshaft sensor) is faulty. Unknown fault: -1"

I could not find the sub-fault 4 in the Complete Sprinter Fault Code Guide (and no mention of this sub fault on the forum). I am suspecting the crankshaft sensor may be what is causing the issue, and luckily I already have one as I got a spare parts kit from MMS.

I also noticed that the van's battery was basically dead after I pulled the codes and it has only been sitting for a week and a half, I am suspecting I may have a bad battery (from the other multiple times the battery has been dead after sitting for just 2 weeks). I did not try to start the van before reading the codes again, so I believe that the crankshaft code was not caused by the dead battery as I know trying to start the van with a dead battery can throw all kinds of crazy codes.

I also looked over some parts of the wire harness, one of the main points I've seen short out on this forum is by the fuel filter. I was looking at it and it looks like the sleeves are still OK:

Should I cut them back and inspect anyways just to be sure? or leave it as is? I figure the cables should be fine if the sleeves haven't been damaged, but wanted to be sure.

Also noticed this ground looks a bit rough:

I plan to clean it up soon. Any other grounds I should check out and clean up?
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