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Default Re: Introduce yourself

Howdy. Live with my wife and three kids in Boston. We also have a ski place at Mount Sunapee, NH.

Ran a business that sold 3D printers so in our fleet we had a total of four vans over the years: an Econoline 250, Chevrolet Express 2500, a Ford Transit Connect (first gen, short/high version) and bought a Ford Transit before I sold the company. Used these vans to tow various sailboats and also to haul motorcycles to tracks for track days. The 2011 TC was a little too short and light duty for our needs so we sold it, but I liked the high roof. The Transit was a medium (6') roof with EcoBoost: we did not buy the diesel because we'd had emissions problems with other late model diesels and found the DEF tank to be a PITA. I still have a medium-sized commercial 3D printer so I'll be making some custom items as the need arises: most of the parts I've made thus far are for motorcycles.

Started using an Aluma utility trailer behind a 6 cyl Outback for motorcycle towing, and we have a Tahoe for heavier trailers. But I didn't like the lack of security of the trailer on long trips, nor setting up and taking down a tent for one or two day events. So when a 118" standard height 2006 Sprinter was offered for sale on a local motorcycle forum, I jumped on it. The interior is pretty rough, and there is one rust spot that needs repair, but it was well maintained mechanically and had been repainted a few years ago. Racks not included.

I pick it up tomorrow. Riding a motorcycle down, then I'll wheel it in the back and drive home. In the meantime I've ordered a Mercedes grill replacement (the owner removed the chrome trim from the hood when it was painted), some Rial Transporter 16" alloy rims (which I note have higher load capacity than the MB alloys, and have TUV approval) and will buy tires locally. The tires on the van are good, just wanted a facelift.

Scheduled an appointment with a body shop 4/18 to fix anything they find. On the docket are improved LED interior lights, insulation, and an upgraded radio/GPS /backup camera. We are using Kenwood in two of our other cars so probably go that way. Also some window covers as when camping at the track during the summer it gets light out too early, and we could use the insulation in the fall.

On the Econoline we used some 2" thick marine insulation material with ripstop mylar covering, Covered with Luan plywood. This worked really well winter and summer. For the Express we used the same material but didn't bother covering it as it made the interior brighter.

We did the same thing with the Transit, which had 6' of headroom and the interior LED option. It was a terrific van, and the performance of the EcoBoost was everything we wanted, but is no longer mine.

Won't be able to add the insulation until after the bodywork is completed. Leaning towards Thinsulate, although the Soundown material remains an option.

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