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Default Re: Warning Light guide?

Originally Posted by rossco View Post
I have a red light that comes on, only when my 05 is cold and i am accelerating. It goes away once it is warm or not accelerating. It is a red light that looks like a muffler with water in it?

Is there a guide somewhere to what this symbol means? Any idea of cause?

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The symbols are all listed in the operator manual. Links to the operator manual are in the Database Section of this forum.

The cold operating symptom and description suggests that it might be your Coolant Level. It is possible that it could be oil level, but that is less likely. Check the coolant level cold. If your oil dipstick handle is red then check that with the engine hot using the procedure in the operator manual. (Basically it says to shut off the hot engine. Wait a minute or so, then check the oil level.) Do not overfill the engine oil. There is a high and a low level sensor.

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