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Default Re: What to expect from the auxiliary heater?

Originally Posted by RedDino View Post
When I start mine it does sound like a jet engine, but after 45 minutes the temperature still shows below 110F and the air from the vents is cold as ever.
You have a failed water heater recirculation pump, they have well known issues as the manufacturer has decided to use brushes which are too soft and wear out, the pump is easily visible and mounted on the engine firewall check first if 12 volts is going there its 2 wires only and an easy test, the heater will warm the entire van in 10 minutes and blow hot air as well as warming the engine block it cuts off at around 80 degrees c for safety reasons, the rotating dial heater thermostat on your dashboard has a direct link to the temperature so if you have heater selected to blue cold that's what you will get.

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