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Default Re: What to expect from the auxiliary heater?

Originally Posted by RedDino View Post
Does warm air blow from the vents?
When I start mine it does sound like a jet engine, but after 45 minutes the temperature still shows below 110F and the air from the vents is cold as ever.
YES- after 30 or fewer minutes you will feel warm air coming out of the dash vents WITH THE ENGINE OFF and even more warm air with the engine running.

That's weird that the air is cold. It should not be cold. Like I said in my other post, it gets so hot in the van that we have to take off our coats and my wife feels sick.
I'm not familiar enough with the Espar operation that I can explain why it runs but doesn't warm up the cabin air or the engine.
If it were just the cabin air that was cold, I would suggest checking your heater vents and flap operation, but you said that the engine temps also don't go up. I can't explain that.
Maybe someone else will chime in.
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