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Default Re: What to expect from the auxiliary heater?

I'm in Philadlephia, so a little bit colder than you.
I love turning on the Espar half an hour or so before I head out in the morning. It warms the engine up very nicely and helps the van interior warm up quickly, too.
I don't think I ever reach 180 in the winter months, but it does get so warm in the van that my wife starts to feel car-sick. My engine temps do drop when I turn the Espar off, so I know it's doing it's job. I can't remember how much they drop by, but I would guess around 30 degrees or so.
If you aren't really noticing a difference with it on or off, it's probably not working.
Like Chris said, you will hear a "turbo/helicopter" noise coming from it when it's working right and you can stick your hand under the exhaust pipe by the front drivers-side wheel and feel the heat coming out.
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