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Default What to expect from the auxiliary heater?

I am addressing this to all you folks who have a 2004-2006 Sprinter with the auxiliary heater option with the timer.

I don't know what performance to expect from the heater and I can't find anything that tells me.
I would appreciate if you could tell me how long it takes to reach a certain coolant temperature and noting the ambient temperature.
I am interested in the performance when the engine is cold (e.g. after a cold night outside) and the engine is off.

For example: Ambient temp 32F
after 15 minutes: what is the coolant temp?
after how many minutes does the coolant reach 180F? Does it ever reach 180F or what is the max temp that you can get?

Please tell me you experience so I have something to tell the Mercedes tech who says that it will never reach 180F and that I will never have it warm in the morning. On the other hand he wants to replace water valve. But if the aux heater doesn't really produce any heat, why spend another $800?

Thank you all much for your help!
Sterling, VA
2004 140" low passenger
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