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Originally Posted by sanomechanic View Post
One thing to be careful of with these New Sprinters. If anything fails or has issues from Transmissions to suspension to whatever MB can blame on alterations... Your warranty in that particular area my be voided. If work was performed by dealer then no worries.

Through my 35 plus years working for Toyota, Lexus, Honda and Acura. I have witness many warranty claims denied due to installation of certain aftermarket applications. Including certain over sized and or extreme offset wheel and tire packages.

For instance...Put a lift kit and go 4 sizes up on tires then your wheel bearings start growling, transmission fails or propeller shafts start going bad. Doubt very seriously MB will repair it under warranty
Not totally disagreeing, but GM agreed to rebuild transmissions under warranty in both the wifes yukon with a ecm/tcm tune and my silverado with larger tires and tune. I say agreed because we ended up having the dealer replace the wife's transmission instead of rebuilding after the extended warranty company agreed to pay for it.

I can't say i wasn't worried, but no questions asked by either dealer. Both also failed for different reasons. I'm pretty positive the wifes was a torque converter and i know mine had a retraining ring fail.

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