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Default Re: Winegard ConnecT 2.0 on new Unity models

There is no such thing as a non network managed plan, meaning you could run it 150 Mbps, 24 hours a day, 7 days of week. Not sure how many terabytes a month that is I don't have a calculator handy.

That said, not all network management is created equally. Most plans today are not really unlimited, but have some hard cap beyond which most streaming is impossible, say 22 or 50 GB.

I have 2 sims in my router that are truly unlimited. One is the Verizon $65 prepaid, no longer available. You run at the lowest priority on the cell. That usually means I still get 30-50 Mbps unlimited, as long as the tower is not overloaded in which case I can become deprioritized but certainly not noticeable while streaming video.

The other one is the AT&T prepaid SIM I have is the infamous "ipad" plan, $34.99, unlimited, no throttling, no caps. also subject to "deprioritization". I have a neighbor that uses 100-200 GB every month and runs his whole house with it. I'm sure that violates TOS.

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Can you point to the Ts&Cs of this no-longer-available plan. My apologies, but I simply don't believe you.
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