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Default Re: What else can fail?

Originally Posted by SSTraveler View Post
...Turned out when we had the propane refilled the person didn't turn the valve close switch to off before they filled the propane causing an over pressurization of the whole system so the entire system had to be detached from each appliance and thawed out and aired out and then hooked back together...
It's not the responsibility of the person filling the propane to turn the system off. That's your responsibility. Propane dispenser operatives have no idea how the great variety of RV's are set up and how to turn them off. Some have switches outside, some have valves, some have switches inside.

Besides, whether the switch is on or off has no effect on whether the tank is properly filled. If it was overfilled, that was a failure of the autostop mechanism that will block the fill valve and prevent overfills. There is also a bleed valve the filler is supposed to open that will bleed clouds of vapor when the tank is full. Especially on Sprinters with LP Gas generators, only one of the regulators is controlled by the off/on switch -- the other, leading to the generator, is always on.

Finally, I have no idea what happened according to your description -- if a tank is overfilled, it can be bled off by opening any gas source. There is no rational reason to disconnect every appliance. I have no idea what is meant by "thawing". It sounds like you had incompetent advice and service -- which may be the source of many of your problems.
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