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Default Espar D5 "S" Heater Glow Plug

I have the older Espar "S" D5 heater in my 2004. I've progressed to getting it to fire and run, but it doesn't start reliably.

My glow plug chamber had what I thought was carbon caked in it. I dug that out. It did indeed seem to be just caked carbon.

The newer style Espar D5 heaters have a "Fuel Strainer" and screen which surronds the glow plug pin. My 2004 heater had no such screened strainer.

More info is here.

I presume the flame from the glow plug chamber just goes out the screened 3/16" hole "window" into a intermediate burner chamber to ignite the burner. Answer = It does light via the intermediate chamber.

My questions:
Is there a strainer around the glow plug for the older style heaters? (Mine defintely didn't have one.) Edit. Answer = No.

Was the caked carbon I removed supposed to be there? Edit: Answer = No.

Does anyone know how the fuel gets into the glow plug chamber? Edit: Answer = Yes. I do.

Probing with a dental pick makes it feel like there are 2 each small holes down in the chamber. Unless I learn otherwise, my next cleaning attempt will be to use a piece of piano wire with a 90 degree bend at the end to try to open those "holes" up better.

Edit: NEVER poke around in there with a dental pick. Do not damage the screen. It is critical for initial ignition.

The glow pin chamber is the 1/2 round hole to the right.


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