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Default Re: Noblemercedes warning: Change Turbo Inlet Seal every time disturbed

The 7/2010 change date published by MB is not entirely accurate. My 2011 model was built in 10/2010 and has the 906 528 15 24 hose and the orange seal. I tried one of the newer black seals, and sure enough, it did not fit well in the intake hose. So, the safest thing is to match the seal to the intake hose number, at least if you have a 2010 or 2011.

Also, I bought a small bicycle-style torque wrench so I could apply exactly the specified torque of 3Nm to the hose clamp on the turbo seal. That turned out to be a lot tighter than I expected it to be.

I am being especially careful about this turbo seal thing, because the intake hose came loose from the turbo about 3,000 miles after the first time the fuel filter was changed, by a MB dealer, at my first 10k service. Fortunately there was no damage to turbo. The seal looked fine, too. The van just suddenly lost power.

That tech was the only person to have touched anything under the hood before this happened (other than me checking the oil), so he must not have installed or tightened the seal correctly after the filter change. So, if a tech didn't get it right, it seems like we all need to be careful.
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