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Default E-track Rear Deck Bed Support

I needed a raised bed for my 2006 Freightliner 2500HC 140 passenger. I contemplated removing the plastic trim under the rear windows to install the supports, but decided against it. My decision was to install E-track right over the plastic trim.

The E-track will serve other purposes also. I used multiple sheet metal screws on the top anchors. The bottom was fastened where body metal allowed. I thought about jumping the empty spaces with angle iron to allow more fasteners on the lower part. For my medium weight load service the fastening I used will be fine. I don't regularly haul heavy cargo.

The E-track mounting could be moved up a bit. I needed to maintain a specific distance from the bed deck to the ceiling. If that wasn't necessary the E-track may have been able to be shifted up enough to allow more fasteners on the bottom section.

10 foot long E-track seemed a waste. I used 3 ea. 5 foot sections of E-track with a 4 11/16" electrical box blank cover as a splice backer. I later discovered that Amazon sells 8 foot sections. (No splice needed.)

The 4 each 2x3's were cut by Home Depot to 66" long. Under 10 bucks.

Some of the cross pieces.


The socket end with 2x3 installed.


I'll likely use deck screws through slots in the socket fittings into the 2x3's.

I ultimately used a single deck screw in the slotted hole of each bracket. That locks the cross support in. Because the deck screw is near the edge of the board I pre-drilled for the screws. Through bolts would be overkill in my opinion. The deck can then be attached to the cross supports to keep things from flying loose in the event of a collision.

The decking pieces will then be screwed or lashed to the cross supports. I haven't decided on the platform design as yet. It will likely be 3/8" possibly 1/2" sheet stock, or webbed slats. Slats will make for easier storage during non-use than does flat stock.

Some parts info.

10 E-Track Wood Beam End Socket

8 Foot E-track (Galvanized. Gray color will match the interior plastic better.)

I purchased 10 ea. E-track web fittings for another design that didn't work out. I will use them with heavy trucker bungee S hooks or carabiner clips for securing medium loads. They also offer 5 ea. at good price.

That's it for now.


I used screws similar to these. I believe what I used were a #12 or #14 size that I had on hand. If I were purchasing screws I'd probably buy #12 or #10.
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