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2007 LTV Serenity
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Default Serenity history

I am a big fan of the unit and disappointed that there isn't more connection to the beginning of the product. They have been making it since 2007 w/o major change and it's still a big seller. Actually I hear that they only made 50 the first year, so it's probably pretty easy to call it a big seller. Unfortunately in 2010 the company was purchased by Triple-E and some people that were important to LTV were replaced by those at Triple-E. Didn't need two people doing the same job and LTV didn't buy Triple-E so LTV didn't get to keep their people. I believe Dean was not with LTV when the Serenity was designed.

Tonight I started going thru the old versions of the LTV website on the WayBack Machine and discovered that they put a picture of the Serenity on their site starting April 2005:

I know my unit was built on a 2005 chassis, wonder if mine started life as a prototype. What do they do with the prototypes that don't become an RV? Crush them? Break them back down and start again? I am curious.

Then in May of 2006 they started showing previews of the Serenity including a gallery and an initial brochure with specs.

if YOU know anything about the history of the vehicle please post, I am dying to know...

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