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Default Re: 2015 4-cyl Diesel Sprinter Conversion RV - 170 High Roof, Low Miles $63k OBO

2015 to 2018 = 3 years.
3x 12k a year = 36,000 Miles
3x15k a year = 45,000 Miles

Let’s be very generous and say 2015-2019 = 4 years
4x 12k a year = 48,000 Miles
4x 15k a year = 60,000 Miles

No matter how generous you are with actual years on the road, and whether you consider 10k, 12k or 15k a year average miles.....this van doesn’t have low miles for the model year. It may have low miles when compared to vans with higher miles.....or much older vans, or that Volvo with 1,000,000 miles or whatever. Certainly doesn’t have “low miles” by any traditional defination of the terminology “low miles”

That’s not to say that it has too many miles or anything, or that it’s a bad van, or pricey poorly; just they shouldn’t have low miles in their listing, as it doesn’t have low miles.

like when people sell houses and say “new appliances” when they are 5 years old, those are not new....they are 5 years old.
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