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Default Re: Remote Control Damaged - How to Open Sky Light Window?

Originally Posted by WestyTat View Post
Question - when opening /closing skylight does the light on the remotes top (tiny black) lit up?
Not sure what happened, but the skylight and the lights that remote operates do not respond to the remote. Fuse checked (ok) ; batteries in the remote ok. After reinserting fuse #5 the light on the skylight blink red for awhile.
Any ideas where else to check? Thanks!
No. The "light" on the end of the remote is actually the infrared transmitter, so the light it transmits is not visible to the naked eye.

You can, however, "see" if the remote is working by using your iPhone. The camera on the back of the phone has an IR filter, but the camera that is above your screen does not. So, switch to the "screen" phone, and aim your remote at the camera, and press the buttons. You should be able to see a blinking light in the recorded image. This will at least tell you if the remote is transmitting...

This works on my iPhone 6; many other smartphones can see the IR emitter with their rear camera. Try it out!

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