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Default Re: No turning back now

This thread has photos of a stock T1N spare tire carrier for a shorter wheelbase. The hinges look different than what Foster used.

Foster's hinges only have one bolt (also, looks like they're installed differently than paper diagram?).

Also, if you've moved to a slightly larger 245 tire, may want to search that it'll fit. Don't remember for sure, but think it wasn't a problem for AutoCamp/Eat Drink blog.

If you go with bigger wheels and tires like some Westy owners with a 4x4 or a VanCompass lift, there are a bunch of threads re bigger or modifed tire carriers for bigger wheels, etc. (Don't know whether the NCV3 parts are compatible with our T1Ns).

Since you have a nice rear door custom tire carrier already and since the original spare tire carrier apparently is a hassle for the tire weight, you could convert the spare tire area to storage like this Sprinter owner did (probably for a NCV3):

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