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Default Re: Mod Ideas: Replacement Acrylic Panes

Vancouver, Washington, and/or Portland, Oregon, Owners?

Many fiberglass top van conversions/campervans have a top side window in the fiberglass top which typically opens by sliding one half of the window ("half-slider").

Looking at TNeuer's replacement fixed window above and OneManVan's description of how the Sprinter OEM glass replacement for our big driver side acrylic awning window is installed (see: ), I wonder if we could get a custom half-slider glass window replacement from Motion Windows based in Vancouver, Washington:

The advantage of a slider window is the window can be left open while driving without worrying about it flying away.

One key issue is whether the Motion Windows custom half-slider is installed like an OEM Sprinter half-slider window using a gasket to hold the window in place OR whether one would need a spacer frame to add thickness to the wall for a clamp installation.

Aesthetically, to match the original Westfalia look, one could get a custom fabricated mesh/perforated metal screen (shaped like the original window) over the replacement window--would need some type of latch to keep in place. The screen would allow air to get to the half-slider while still maintaining the swoop aspects. Or, one could blackout/paint the area around a tinted half-slider window to recreate the original swoop.

Any curious owners willing to call/take a field trip to explore?

Motion Windows
(360) 944-4446
6005 NE 121st Ave
Vancouver, WA 98682

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