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Default Re: Window Coverings

Originally Posted by Mark Shappee View Post
The slider window covering of a two piece heavy cloth drape type covering (slides on track using plastic clips) on my 2010 Four Winds Dodge branded sprinter needs to be replaced. Has anyone found a solution that blacks out the window when needed, doesn't obstruct the window when not in use, and does not have to be removed and stored -- but also doesn't get caught or hang out of the door when opening or closing the slider?
Can you take a picture of what it looks like?

We have this on our sliding door window. It was there when we bought it, so no idea where it came from. If you can find the plastic sliders, the curtain is easy for someone who sews to make.



We have double layer pleated horizontal blinds on the other windows, but I expect those are more expensive. They are thicker with the mechanism at the top covered by the valences. Maybe that is why they aren't on the sliding door.



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