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Default Re: 03 Sprinter #5 fuse keeps blowing

Old threads rule!
Have been driving illegally for months. No brake lights at all. I also have one (only one) and at times NO headlights. (more on that below)
Typical #5 fuse blown upon depression of brake pedal. I figured if I got pulled Id open the drivers door, and show the officer the pile of at least 50 blown 10 amp fuses and my fuse pullers and beg for a pardon. Depending on his mood and other factors we wont get into here, I may get a warning. So finally got around today to looking into this further. Spend several days and even bought a new brake light panel back when it first happened to no avail.

I found a picture on here, (no idea which thread or who submitted it) where someone had slid pieces of plastic in the circuit board due to poor insulators. I saved it to my pc. I had checked ONE of the connections, but in my stressed beyond sanity lifestyle, I had missed the second one. The top connection was pushed into the board. I pryed it back with a small pocket knife and slid a small piece of cut to size zip tie between and POW!

Id like to thank whoever I thanked above for the great tutorial in unplugging and testing.

NEXT UP is the headlights!

I had previously installed a set of Nilight 90 Watt LED floods on the bumper, and at night I run them. Other drivers hate me, but oh well. The van is used for emergency repairs. I have to work. Lets see if we can figure out why I have no headlights.... (this should be fun, because Im running LEDs...) Ill report back.

PS would LOVE if someone would list a *REASONABLY PRICED* working LED or HID headlight solution. I have 3) 2004 T1s, One is stock and works great but looks old due to halogens. One is running HIDs (I cut the wire and straight wired the wires to the bulbs) and its MUCH brighter and looks 1000 times better, and the 3rd is running high wattage LEDs. Both that were converted have had the original headlight connectors removed (one just fell off in my hands in a pile of rust.) There has to be an easier way.
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