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Default Re: 3.2 Cummins Onan Diesel Gen Issues

Google search for "Onan 300-6414" showed:

• possible solution WITHOUT replacing your controller:
• Onan 300-6414 board for sale:
• "ONAN 300-6414 is no longer available and replaced by ONAN 541-0770" which was available here:

Let us know how you resolved your issue. We've got a 3.2 Cummins Onan Quiet Diesel generator in our 2011 Winnebago View 24K which has worked flawlessly so far although it only has 25 hours on it. Once we installed our 327W SunPower solar panel and upgraded our RV's coach batteries to Sam's Club Energizer GC2 232Ah "golf cart" batteries we RARELY use our generator, even when boondocking for days.
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