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Default Re: Espar D4 High Altitude Pump

Since all of these pumps have a check valve, I believe they can be plumbed in parallel. All that is needed is a SPDT switch to flip between them. It is important to use rigid fuel lines with no air pockets on the outlet side of the pump(s).

2. As an alternative Airtronic D2 and D4 heaters of any generation may be equipped with the high altitude pump kit p/n 24 0222 00 00 00. This kit contains extra pump used on high altitudes, manual switch and necessary wiring/piping parts. Can be used on altitudes of up to 3000 meters (9840).

Here is the approximate de-rate value if using the altitude sensor. I am guessing the high altitude pump would be about ~15% lower output than the standard (same as Pnwsquid indicates).

With the optional height kit an operation of the heater in regions up from 1400m (4600) until 3000m (9850) are possible. After starting the heater the height sensor which is enclosed with the kit measures the atmospheric pressure and communicate it to the control unit. The control unit adjusts then the frequency of the metering pump. Because of this the heating power in height operation will be reduced by approx. 9% per 1000 m (3280). In regions below 1400m (4600) the heater works in normal operation with the full heating power. Example: at the Airtronic D4 (4000 watt max. heating power) the heating power will be reduced by 360 watt per 1000 metres above 1400 meters.
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