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Question Expected battery life

We bought a used RS Adventurous recently, and took it out for its first extended dry camping last weekend. We had the refrigerator on propane, turned off the water pump, and had nothing plugged in except for our cell phones (the inverter was left on). Each morning, the battery was nearly drained (I didn't have a voltmeter, but the panel showed only the bottom red light, and there was a blinking red light in the inverter). Some mornings, the voltage was so low, that the only way I could get the generator to start was to start the van engine. The batteries had been replaced in Oct 2017, and are not sealed (they are Interstate batteries). I would run the generator between 15 and 30 minutes two or three times a day (the panel showed full charge each time). After two or three nights of this, I began turning off the inverter as well, but still the battery was drained by morning. Are my batteries needing to be replaced already, or am I missing something in my electrical setup that is draining them abnormally? Any thoughts or suggestions?
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