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Default Re: 3" straight pipe exhaust - DRTDEVL

Originally Posted by DRTDEVL View Post
OK, I can finally report back.

Yes, it spools faster and makes more power. t definitely helps with fuel economy. Unfortunately, when loaded heavy, it is just too much noise. I had the shop put in a 36" long 3" diameter resonator on Monday, as I was getting a headache driving long distance. Its still straight-through, it just adds a larger section with some glass matting inside to reduce the volume of the resonance that was reverberating through the van's body. Before the trip, I also had them put on a black 6" diameter tip, just to spice things up a bit.

On the plus side, however, I got exactly 20 mpg towing a 93 Chevy truck on an 18' PJ Car hauler to Wylie, TX, and 23.2 mpg pulling the empty car hauler back to La Cruces, NM.
Thats what I wondered about was the noise after driving for awhile, so I put the Walker muffler on. Its also straight through so I doubt its affecting anything.
Thats really good mileage. I assume probably going 60mph on your trip? I think I get like 20mpg too but I do 80 on the interstate and near 70 on highways even up the hills in the passing lane trying to get around the 18 wheelers.
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