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Default Our Travois dream has come to an end :-(

Our Travois dream has come to an end and we are really gutted. Having driven our Conestoga Sprinter conversion home to Alberta we are now arranging for its return to Travois. With a substantial investment of time and money behind us we really wanted it to work out but there are just too many fit and finish problems to rectify this far from their facilities in Ontario.

It's not helpful to go over the issues on a public forum and I can only speak for our project, so I'm not implying that similar issues are present in other Travois units. We continue to be fans of their lightweight design concepts, and the Sprinter 4x4 is an awesome platform, but execution was the culprit here.

I won’t presume to speak for Travois except to say we have been assured they have instituted significant changes to supervision on the production line and their pre-delivery testing process so future customers won’t share our experience.

Also to their credit, Travois acted quickly and without hassle or recriminations once the scope of deficiencies was realized. It was first suggested we could use the vehicle for the summer and return it for a rebuild over the winter, but we weren't comfortable with that proposal, so a full refund was offered and accepted. We are just waiting for the arrangements now.

Meanwhile we are scrambling to adjust our travel plans for this summer. Does anyone have experience with rooftop tents?
RIP: 2018 NCV3 4X4 Travois Conestoga Expedition low roof
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