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Default Varta Battery Origin-stamped on Neg. Post

I drained the battery on my 2012 Sprinter because I wanted to start packing for a trip to Maine with frozen green chile and I do not yet have a 30 amp plug to hook up my shore power. And I did not want to run my propane Generator. So I had my propane fridge running and I did not realize that it would drain my chassis battery. I have ended up removing the battery and I will have it checked today. But I wanted to know if it was the original battery or had been replaced at some time before I bought the Sprinter in April. On another website, I found out that the date of origin for the Varta battery is stamped on the Neg. post of the battery. In my case there is the number 21 for the week of origin and then 12 for the year of origin.

And I will find out later if my generator will charge the battery if I end up putting this one back in. Roger
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