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Default FS: Magnum Inverter/Charger, MPPT Controller, Blue Sea ACR

I'm doing some major upgrades to my van in the electrical department. For those who are building out campers I these are some great parts for an almost complete electrical system for charging. I have the following for sale and the prices are OBO and a combined offer will be considered. I'm located in Las Vegas and would prefer a local or half way between vegas and southern california.

Magnum MS2012 with ME-RC - $850 (Amazon is $1550) This is a 2000w charger with 100amp charger. It has the ME-RC remote for programing/monitoring.

Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost 2512i(X)-HV with IPN Pro Remote with Shunt - $250 (Amazon is $500) This is a 25amp controller perfect for 300w of solar. It also has the IPN Pro Remote for programing as well as a shunt to monitor the battery state of charge.

Blue Sea ACR ML-RBS - SOLD!$100 (Amazon is $190) 500 Amp magnetic latching (bi-stable) relay automatically combines batteries during charging and isolates batteries when discharging and when starting engine.

The Magnum is a little dirty. The previous owner stuck a thermostat on the front so there is double sided tape still stuck on there. I didn't want to risk stripping the paint and it doesn't harm anything so I didn't attempt to take it off.

The Blue Sky IPN remote has a small nick on the remote panel. Nothing major but want full disclosure.

The Blue Sky MPPT does NOT come with an enclosure for the factory (it's an addon). The builder of the van made something out of wood, which worked fine. I can include it if you want, but you can buy a box from Blue Sky or just panel mount it.

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