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Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
I swear you are menace', well intentioned menace perhaps but a menace nonetheless..
(I sincerely hope folks like you didn't have anything to do with this Boeing fiasco.)

The system DOES passively re-generate as it does on all all diesel light duty vehicles.

For reference go back to the bulletin Sprintguy has given you and published this thread theorem of yours .

Your attention is drawn to the last page and requirements to auto regenerate.
So in short if its got faults it will not regenerate.

Cheers Dennis
Is this the section to which you refer Master

"In the full-load range, secondary injection is not active, as the normal exhaust gas temperatures are sufficient to achieve the PM burn off temperature in the DPF in this case. The arising ash remains in the DPF. The temperature sensor upstream of the CAT and the temperature sensor upstream of the DPF monitor the exhaust gas temperature during regeneration. The differential pressure sensor determines the pressure difference between the exhaust pressure upstream and downstream of the DPF via the exhaust pressure lines. Soot particle loading in the DPF is determined via a performance map based on the pressure differential and the mass exhaust gas flow calculated by the CDI control unit.
The following key data of the last DPF regeneration are stored in the engine management memory for diagnostic purposes:"

In addition of not knowing if the source of info provided by Sprint guy is a righteous MB training publication, still not certain.

For example, please define "Full load conditions" that raise DPF temperature to "...approx. 700 C (1292F)" required for regeneration or, more accurately, particulant matter (PM) burn-off?

My EXPERIENCE, observing DPF temperatures via Scan Gauge II, have never witnessed "load conditions" (6% grade on Interstate 5 Grapevine, CA) have any effect increasing DPF temperatures any where near 1292F.

And...if I am wrong, always remember this.

Originally Posted by lindenengineering View Post
People make mistakes or overlook things--its human nature


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