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Default Re: DIY $75 awning

It's just a rolled up tarp, about 3x4" oblong with the poles inside. The wind didn't catch the front edge like I thought it might, but I had it secured with a bungee cord just a few inches from the front.

Not as nice as a retractable awning like Fiamma, and it takes a little manual labor to set it up and stow it away, but it's a lot more affordable. I should have explained why I used tension bands; you can loop them over the top EMT from the ground. Granted, you still need to climb up on something to unroll and stow it on the roof, at least on my SHC. And the reason for pins on the other end instead of another tension band: you have to be able to twist the extension pole to lock it in place. Dual tension band would prevent you from twisting it.

This is the design I modified: . Page 2 has pics/video. He uses bimini attachments on the upper EMT, but for setup I needed them to rotate up/down as well as in/out. The only thing that could do that would be a ball joint, and they're expensive. So I made separate pieces that assemble together instead of have the extension poles attached to the upper EMT. Same end result.

For a cleaner stowed appearance, a housing could be used. 4" ABS drain pipe with a 1.5" slot cut all the way down it would work, with end caps. You still have to be able to shove all the stuff into it. Maybe cut the BS 4" into two pieces and have them hinged, with the end caps holding it shut when stowed. Bungees or latches to keep it shut while driving. You might even eliminate the upper EMT and just attach the tarp to the inside of the ABS housing, and use pins on both ends of the extension poles into holes in the housing and the lower EMT, or some variation.
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