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Default Re: Sprinter rear axle

Originally Posted by SprintED View Post
I am thinking that you probably could get a whole new driveshaft built at a driveline shop for a whole lot less than $3500! with serviceable, greaseable bearing cups etc....

If any one wonders why "California cars" etc... are highly sought after - take a look and the spic and span underside of Seeks unit...Mine ceased to look anywhere close to that in under 5000 miles. Just too much snow, ice, road salt, pea gravel, bug guts, dust etc... up here on the bald prairie!


I don't want to come off as harsh, but before I got too upset about a cost report read on, I think I'd call a few dealerships/parts suppliers and get confirmation that replacement drive shafts (because u-joints aren't serviceable) is really going to cost me $3500.00.

Also, in case anyone's wondering if u-joint failure/costs are a good reason to dump the T1N for the current model year: it's not. NCV3 u-joints are integrated with the "propeller shaft" sections from what I can tell.... and there's easily visible zerk fitting for lube, either.

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