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Default Driving Safety Systems ESP ABS ASR BAS EBD

I am posting this info to help people understand the braking and traction systems that they MAY have on their Sprinter (not every NAFTA Sprinter has ESP or ASR). This thread was prompted by the Yahoo Sprintervan post below. I will not take the time to post pictures in the Yahoo forum because they will become lost.

Edit: The ESP and other safety systems are standard for NAS aka NAFTA Sprinters from 2004 Model Year and up. I believe that the Trailer Stability Program (or whatever they call it) which includes whether a trailer is involved or not for skid response is available on NAS Sprinters from 2010 MY on.

Re: [sprintervan] Re: Lookin for a used ABS Module, 2005 Sprinter

Text here:
"I may have a similar problem---ABS light staying on plus
the far right tracking(?) light. Scangauge reports zilch.

I have not checked wiring or fuses but would like to know where this ABS module
is---and maybe start a visual inspect. So far no-one has said what this
so-called tracking light is for, and it is undocumented far as I know. Any
help here from anyone apprec'd.
FWIW - It is not a "tracking" light. Most people refer to it as the "traction" light for that indicator.
Here goes:





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