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Default Re: 2017 4x4 Build Out - Grey Escape

Decided to go ahead and get the Espar D2 installed since the weather is starting to turn. I had put in the mounting plate when I finished the floor and had made a box for it when I put the cabinets in.

I mounted the unit and finished the box. Here it is with some 3D printed inlet vents. I covered the box with laminate and the lid with some coin and aluminum edge.

I got my unit from heaters4u. I was nervous but it appears to be legit. I chose the simple EasyStart Select controller. The only issue I had was I initially missed connecting two of the harness wires together to use the temp sensor in the unit. Also had to get a Molex crimper to make some of the harness connectors. I used some black self-vulcanizing tape. It is great stuff for electrical work if you have never used it. Also used it under the van to protect some of the fluid line mounting areas. There is also no polarity for the dosing pump for those working an install.

I mounted the dosing pump and exhaust clamp with a rivnut. The inlet and exhaust silencer were through bolted using brackets that were included. Even though the instructions arenít great the kit offers a lot of great stuff to get things mounted.

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