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Default Re: Fog light switch replacement help

Originally Posted by autostaretx View Post
The fog lamp switch on a T1N feeds a relay. If the relay coil has failed, you'd also see no fog light action.

The switch is a SPST (single pole, single throw) non-momentary (i.e. when switched ON, it stays on), with a light.

In the 2006 service manual, the switch is shown on page 8w-50-9, and the relay and lamps on page 8w-50-10
The switch/relay and the lamps have separate fuses.

Dick- TUVM for your reply. Although my RV is a 2006 model year Sprinter, itís a 2007 Airstream buildout and the fog lights were added during the RV conversion so thereís another fuse location...thatís what Iím trying to locate....itís somewhere in the engine bay Iím told by a local Sprinter mechanic. Any idea how I can locate it?
Dan Ferguson
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