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Sorry I didn't see this post sooner. I have an '08 Icon 24A and chose it over the V/N for the things you mentioned, the larger slide and passthrough storage. The passthrough is only about 5 or 6 inches high, but lets me slip in a couple of lawn chairs and a few other long items. Comparing to the V/N directly is tough because each has its good and bad points compared to the other, and I have frankly forgotten most of them. One example is that the P/I has a larger propane tank. The 24A in particular has "huge" kitchen counter space compared to other small motorhomes. The sofa is optimized for sitting comfort at the expense of a bed that isn't perfectly flat when open. I would rather have had a flat bed. A foam pad on top makes it tolerable. There are many other comparisons like the propane tank size that make it kind of a "six of one, half dozen of the other" comparison. Perhaps the biggest difference is that the Fleetwood factory made themselves a horrible reputation for sloppy build quality. Not so much with the big things, rather with things like kinked heater ducts, installing the wrong thermostat, wiring mistakes, kinked hoses, etc. These problems were all fixable by a dealer or handy owner but were a huge burden of inconvenience for a new owner. A used P/I would hopefully have most of these issues fixed by now. Winnebago also has better technical documentation available. I might sound like I wish we has gone with the V/N, which isn't the case. After addressing the zillion factory problems it has been a good RV and I don't regret having it. There are both V/N and P/I groups on Yahoo that have pretty good participation, and you can get most any question answered.
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