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Default Re: Hoehn Mercedes has shady business practices

Originally Posted by sanomechanic View Post
One Fin... There are many options available that are not on the MBVANS build site. Like Luxury Interior Package V21 Rear roof trim V36 Full paneling sliding door V4A Full paneling rear doors VA7.. and much more . If you are not in front of a MB dealers computer you cannot see them over the phone . Also The Sales manager suggested we sit down and build to see what is and is not available. LIKE LED HEADLAMPS...ROOF RACKS....HIGH IDLE CONTROL.

Orange County. Laguna Niguel, Walters, Temecula, Beverly Hills ect.. There vans were already taken
I understand that. I also understand you being annoyed. Thatís poor business to suggest you driving down etc..Iím nit defending them at all on the sales side.
Iíd be passed too.
I tried to buy a van from Laguna Niguel in 2014.....couldnít do it.....too frustrating
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