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Default Re: Denver, CO area Sprinter Mechanic

Oh We were expecting a dis- satisfied non customer who wanted free or very cut price job.
Firstly we DO NOT WORK FOR FREE nor give deep discounts to walk in customers.

You were quoted 12 hours std labor charge to R n R the cylinder head on numerous occasions. Parts and Materiel is consumption is extra. Labor to do this job is $1500 which you were quoted.

Not knowing what we would find with heavy deposits running out of the head joint is anyone's guess (even you) as to what the root issues might be.

Since you said you were a diesel mechanic by trade and the quote didn't meet your expectations my suggestion was to DIY it.
I have done this many times as a factory field support tech in places liker Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan in the past to name just a few places.

I offered to refer you to the best guy in town who would look at your cylinder head once removed and direct you to parts sources locally so that you could meet your budget .
You turned at the lunchtime break with the same belligerent nasty attitude while i was on the phone to get you a referral. (he too was at lunch)

This does not garner a friendly disposition in any way whatsoever.

Please note Linden Engineering is NOT A BOY'S CLUB but rather a business that works for profit.

I am sorry we couldn't meet your budgetary expectations and we appreciate you not recommending us for the same cut price services which we don't do.
Please note from an opening discussion with a nasty attitude you will provoke an appropriate response, some manners might help in your case .

. Budgetary challenged customers we can find any day! Rather we give good service at a fair price and many will attest to that.

Please remember the world does NOT owe YOU SIR free or cut priced car repairs.
Respectfully Dennis

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