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Default Re: Expanding Westy's Rear Storage using Rear Door Panels - Post #1 of 3

Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
This is great! I've been toying with the exact same idea. How did you get the pins out of the perimeters of the panel?

I also have that table, but we got it from Coleman. Works great. However, we use a table/bench from Kelsyus, that folds up and fits in the tunnel, from the front (just barely). The pros are that it's actually a little bigger than the Coleman/ Cabela's table. The cons are that it has a mesh top, that although tight, is not as rigid as the metal top. I plan to make a plexiglass top to clip to it, to get the flatness back. Not a super high quality unit, but it has served us well this summer...

I like that fuel tank idea, especially since I was thinking about toting my little Yamaha generator, which is worlds quieter than the Onan...

Oh, and I finally got around to talking to the guys at Sterling, to weld me up a front hoop in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks Tim.

You're welcome Pat!

Pat I mentioned somewhere in my post that the panel retainers popped out by putting a narrow blade putty knife behind the panel and gently twisting. As far as I can tell mine are not two pieces. They have pliable threads that are bigger than the hole. I've pulled them out once before when adding a spare tire carrier. They go right back in with a little tap.

You mentioned your Kelsyus table. Saw it just today in fact while I was purchasing two back pack reclining bag chairs with detachable canopy. They're small to store and to carry to beach. They're low to the ground which is great for the beach but also good because you don't need a foot rest if you're trying to save storage space. Here they are here from Amazon:

Let me know if you end up ordering a brush bar from Sterling. It's the single biggest eye catcher on my Westy; at least it is to all the Westy owners I met.

I bet you could easily sell you Cabela folding table/benches. I lot of people at Westyfest admired them looking at Win's and another's, I forget who though.

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