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Default Re: Canadian vs US Sprinter prices - huge differences

Originally Posted by rvdriverca View Post
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Mercedes-Benz v Dodge Freightliner two different set ups
Sprinters are not sold via Mercedes_Benz in Canada but through Dodge Freightliner outlets.
just to bring a Bent Benz into Canada costs Ca $500 at your local Benz franchise just to look at it then they charge like bulls to bring it up to compliance MB in US is different to MB Canada.
The last Sprinter to head into Alberto was this time last year he saved 7200 on a standard LWB 2005 Plated Sprinter . went through the same exercise found a dealer to deal paper work dodged up rubber stamped of he he went back through the by roads on a US tagged Sprinter he jumps borders every three months just to keep it legal.
Imagine all of the Canadians buying over the boarder man all hell would break lose on that one, Yeah Go for it, but watch out for the State Troppers cover your rear end on everything , just to keep the ball in your court.

Richard: by federal Canadian law, as a Canadian with a Canadian drivers license it is illegal to drive a US plated vehicle in Canada. Cheers cl
How about a rental car with US Plates on it you drive across the border, what then?
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