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Default Re: Dragging Parking Brake with new Rotors and Shoes

Originally Posted by marklg View Post
As part of my rear brake job, I am replacing rotors and parking brake shoes as well as the pads. After having a heck of a time getting the rotor off, see previous discussion of mine, I put the new brake shoes and rotor on.

The rotor just does go on, but it drags on the parking brake shoes. The adjuster is all the way closed and I even loosened the 4 bolts on the parking brake adjuster in the center of the van, but it is still dragging. I can just turn the wheel by hand with a 2 foot long bar. That seems too much dragging to me.

Any ideas?


Where did you get the brake rotors, parking brake shoes, and brake pads from? I have seen countless out-of-spec aftermarket brake parts over the years...
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