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Default Re: Espar Underseat Installation

Ran through the high altitude sensor install just in time for a trip over thxgiving. Everything worked great and the D2
made it feel like cheating over the cold nights and mornings. It should run well now at all altitudes. We were between 5000-6000ft this time.
Here are a few notes from the install:
-the wiring from the D2 to the Digimax controller went from under the passenger seat thru the inter-seat tunnel to the driver seat, then out and under the plastic covering the driver seatbelt tower and into the paneling under the rear window. The controller is drilled into the metal framing above the paneling but below the window close to our bed. I wanted to place the sensor in a protected area between the parking brake and the driver seat pedestal. Thus i tapped the controller wiring as it passed under the driver seat. Slice the outer wire casing and tap the red, yellow and brown/white wires. Cut the blue/white wire all the way through

After tapping the 3 wires to the wiring harness supplied with the high altitude kit, add a single pole double throw toggle switch to the 3 blue/white wires

-flip the switch so the the ecu is talking to the sensor over blue/white...and not the digimax over blue/white. The wiring to the sensor hiding behind the parking brake just exits the driver pedestal via the same hole as the parking brake wiring.

Quick view of my heater placement (should be room for spare battery too)

Heat vent placement

Another view (and if you look closely...just left of parking brake is the sensor)

Good luck
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