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Thumbs down Re: Pleasureway Excell oversteering problem

Here is an update to my post regarding the oversteering problem of my 08 Pleasureway Excell. This RV was purchased last August from McMahons RV in Irvine CA. We have yet to recieve as much as a return phone call from these people. Our attempts to reach their "service" departmet were met with rudeness from a surly employee who told me to "Go away." In the past 11 months I have experienced everything from exploding tires, body panels falling off on the road and other "minor" problems. I have had to agrue with service managers at Ford Dealers just to get them to look at my van, let alone getting them to perform any maintenance. I have invested over $2,000 in new Michelin tires, steering stabilizer, rear spring modification, etc. and while this has done much to improve the problem, IT STILL WANDERS!! The manufacturer now tells me that Ford has an improved steering box for this unit, but I dread having to argue with Ford Dealers again just to get this work done. This is our first RV and after all these problems it will sadly be our last.
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